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Lens Replacement Surgery Cost Turkey Lens replacement surgery prices in Turkey is one of the most frequently researched topics. 70% of our eye’s focusing power comes from the watch-glass layer of the cornea, and the remaining 30% comes from the lens. When we are young, our eye’s crystalline lens allows us to focus both near and far, changing our focusing power as needed. However, after the age of 45, this ability to change focus decreases, making it difficult to see and read up close. To read closely, you need to wear close glasses. As we age, the lens of the eye deteriorates, making it difficult to focus and clear, and cataracts occur. Both near and far vision are now affected. Patients who cannot see far due to cataract progression can see their loved ones without glasses for a while, but this is a temporary condition and is a harbinger of cataract development. Cataract treatment is the process of melting the deteriorated lens and replacing it with an artificial lens. The artificial lens or intraocular lens is a plastic device that is left in the eye for life instead of a cataract. There are several types, monofocal glasses provide far vision without glasses, while the additional focus power required for near vision is provided by near vision glasses. The lenses that have been introduced as smart lenses in recent years are not smart lenses, but three focal point intraocular lenses. Thanks to these three focal points, they are intraocular lenses, and as if three different lenses are glued together, they are far, middle (for looking at the computer and phone) and near (for reading) glasses. It leaves no field of view. lens replacement surgery cost Turkey in a center where experienced surgeons at the faculty level work, using premium branded FDA-approved smart lenses and using disposable full eye protection materials and devices, almost 50% of the cost of this surgery is the lens price. Lens Replacement Turkey Lens replacement is one of the important applications and treatments preferred by those in Turkey, especially those abroad. Refractive lens replacement, also known as clear lens replacement, may be a much better and ideal option than refractive surgery for people with distance or near vision impairments who wear too many glasses for laser correction. Refractive lens replacement surgery is the replacement of the clear natural lens in the eye with an artificial intraocular lens to correct refractive errors and provide sharper focusing, eliminating the need for glasses. The procedure is almost the same as the stages of cataract surgery. The difference is that early cataract surgery is performed on one eye, even if there is no cataract. Therefore, people who have undergone refractive lens exchange are not at risk of developing cataracts in the future. Similar to cataract surgery, an artificial lens can be chosen as a wide-angle (monofocal) or far-near (multifocal) lens instead of the natural lens, depending on the need for vision and eye health. Whether you need to wear glasses or, optionally, a contact lens after replacing refractive lenses, depends entirely on the type of intraocular lens. Monofocal artificial intraocular lenses are widely used for cataract surgery and refractive lens replacement. They offer an excellent field of view and also contrast sensitivity. However, monofocal artificial lenses are designed to focus entirely at a distance, so eyeglasses are required for close-up tasks such as reading or working at a computer. By placing a multifocal (multifocal) artificial lens in the eye, 90% of the people who have surgery are able to see near and far without glasses. Thanks to the lens replacement Turkey services, all these stages are realized without any problems and all expectations are met. Teeth Turkey Within the scope of dental services in Turkey, all criteria of oral and dental health are fulfilled and superior service is provided. The absence of structural and functional disorders in the mouth and teeth shows the existence of the mouth and teeth to fulfill their duties completely and flawlessly. The number one reason for the wrong beliefs and practices about oral and dental health in the society is the lack of information. Misconceptions and behaviors about oral and dental health are very common in society. Due to these false beliefs, the person gets into trouble with the dentist and refuses the necessary treatment, thus harming not only oral health but also general health to a great extent. Foods that are thought to be harmful to dental health are sugary and acidic foods, and toxic substances that stick to the teeth and cannot be easily cleaned. To prevent tooth decay, it is necessary to eat in a certain order instead of cutting it completely. Protein is the primary nutrient that is considered tooth-friendly. Both of these substances, which form the basic building blocks of our body, are foods that must be consumed for dental health both during tooth development and after tooth eruption. Cheese is important for dental health as well as containing high protein. Peanuts are considered a tooth-friendly snack between meals due to their phosphate content. For dental health, whole grain brown bread is preferred instead of unrefined grains and white flour bread. Within the scope of teeth Turkey services, all factors that will threaten the oral and dental health of people who are late to implement all such recommendations or who have genetic problems are determined and the services are implemented in this direction. In this way, both pain and bad appearances can be resolved. Turkey Teeth Dentistry brings healthy and good-looking teeth with it, especially thanks to trained dentists in Turkey. Dental problems, jaw and gum diseases are very serious and serious disorders that make life difficult. Such diseases are common problems that occur frequently and often delay progression. These complaints are therefore also considered as disorders that cause headaches. Due to the success and attractiveness of dental education, Turkey is a country where its citizens have access to a variety of dental care services, as well as a country that receives a large number of guests from abroad for dental care. In recent years, the number of people coming to our country from abroad for dental treatment has increased tremendously. This has enabled us to be one of the most preferred countries in the health sector. There are many main reasons for this. But most importantly, their procedures are affordable for patients coming from abroad. While people who come to Turkey for dental work prefer dental aesthetic treatments such as veneers, teeth whitening and pink aesthetics, implant treatment is one of the most common reasons for health migration. Patients who have had many of these treatments receive these treatments, which are more affordable than alternative treatments in their own countries, and visit our country intensively for dental problems. In our country, patients from Europe generally see the treatment as very cheap due to the exchange rate differences, so we think it is ideal to follow the necessary steps. For the industrialization of this area, it is very important to have successful, durable and high-quality materials available for dental treatments other than financial situation. A practice-oriented education system in the medical and dental industry in Turkey, trained physicians become skilled and experienced physicians. For this reason, people in many countries of the world come to our country relying on skilled and experienced doctors for dental diseases. Thanks to teeth Turkey and its possibilities, many advantages are thus offered. Veneers Turkey The veneer can be done in a short time with the advanced possibilities of the country of Turkey and experienced dentists, and it offers effective results. After many dental procedures, you may need veneers. Especially in the removal of dental defects that threaten health in implant dental procedures, in teeth or coatings broken for aesthetic reasons, in the aesthetics of rabbit teeth, etc. Zirconium veneer color selection is one step in this process. That’s why it’s helpful to know the coat color selection before trying these steps. Zirconium, which is one of the most used coating materials today, offers many advantages when it comes to tooth appearance. First, zirconium can have a translucent structure similar to natural teeth, unlike other types of veneers. The thicker the tooth tissue, the more opaque it becomes. The thinner the structure, the more transparent it will be. Zirconium provides such an appearance. People who want more naturally colored teeth generally prefer zirconium crowns. However, if you want your teeth to be matte, shiny and at the same time white, you can choose other materials. Zirconium coating is durable and does not cause discoloration due to external factors (frequent coffee or tea consumption, smoking, etc.). Zirconium, which can be easily shaped, is the main material used in many coating processes. Not all human teeth look the same from head to toe. Some people have very clear and fine teeth towards the tip, while others are thicker. Apart from this, there is mainly a tooth appearance that changes from white to bone color towards the root of the tooth or a tooth appearance that changes color from the center of the tooth to the edges. In order for the teeth to be compatible with the existing teeth, zirconium crowns should be selected according to this color transition. Coating is being done by more and more people every day in Turkey. Veneers Turkey , techniques and methods are getting further and further every day.

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